January 3, 2013

Our vision of advice

Set your goal

It is important, at the outset, to consider what you are looking for. This will help an adviser picking up the case, but will also help to keep you focused. Try to make sure the goal is a SMART target (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) so that you can evaluate your progress towards it when you come to review.

Select a basic step-by-step guide

There is a huge amount of information out there to help you. A lot of this is produced by government, advice agencies, or solicitors themselves. We want guides which are easy to follow, and also give you the basic structure of the timeline. Producing a guide could be a revenue stream for a solicitor, or a way to market their expertise.

Update timeline with chronology of events

The step-by-step guides give the basic structure - but these need to be fleshed out with the client's experiences. You should be able to update it, like a diary or a blog. We want to be able to include documents and correspondence so that the adviser can hit the ground running.

Review your progress

A good guide will set periodic reviews for you to ensure you're still on track.

Engage an adviser if/when specialist problems arise

One of the problems we find is that people don't know where to look for solicitors, or when they might be useful. A good step-by-step guide will highlight how a solicitor can help at each stage.

Repeat as necessary until...

The timelines should be kept up to date, and regular reviews used to ensure progress.

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