August 12, 2012

‘The Best Lawyer’

The London 2012 Olympics have been a triumph for the UK in both a sporting and an organisational sense. I’ve watched a fortnight of sportspeople striving to be the absolute best they can be. I’m staggered by the commitment to be the best, the hours and hours of dedication going into performing when it matters. I love the forensic analysis of past performance, I love the attention to detail.

My ears pricked up during an interview with Dave Brailsford, the Performance Director for the Great British Cycling team. After picking up 7 out of the 10 Gold medals on offer, he was asked about whether he could work in a different area:

What we do have is a certain philosophy. If you take cycling out of it for a minute, we’ve thought about how do you get personal excellence. How do you get someone to be the best that they can be? ….then we applied that to cycling. I think the model that we’ve come up with could be applied to anything. The best lawyer, the best dentist, the best anything.

The day-to-day life of a lawyer doesn’t hold any obvious comparisons with that of Bradley Wiggins, but personal excellence is something we should all strive for.

It does rather beg the question: what does it mean to be the best lawyer? For an Olympic athlete, I suppose this is simple – they would like to achieve success at the Olympic Games. What success means might depend on the age of the athlete, but the ultimate ambition must be to win an Olympic Gold.

We believe that for a lawyer, the aim is a high-quality experience for your client, whatever area you’re in. NextSteps is here to help.