January 5, 2013

Taking things step by step

Legal advice can be daunting enough for the newcomer, but part of dissatisfaction with the status quo is that internet legal advice is, to quote another blogger, ‘worthy but dull’.

Where possible, we want to show things step by step. Advice will therefore form the backbone of your diary, giving you a chronology to fill out.

Lawyers will often use chronologies to understand the flow of events themselves, or explain them easily to others, so we think they are a good place for users to start.

A lot of the initial diagnostic questions can be asked on in an entry and then added to the timeline. Consider a child fighting an exclusion from school

About your child

About the school

From that you can start to build up a chronology, which in this case extend to the governors review, and then give the parent the option to explore discrimination issues (and an appeal to Tribunal) or an application for a Review Panel.

Making an application to the Tribunal

An application can be made to the First-Tier Tribunal if you feel your child has been discriminated against on the grounds of their disability.

Seeking a review of the decision