August 4, 2013

Preparing for the Governing Body Review

Preparing for the Governing Body review

a governing body must meet to review the headteacher’s decision to exclude if:

  • the exclusion is permanent
  • the exclusion will result in the pupil missing an exam or national curriculum test
  • the exclusion will take the pupil’s total data exclusion above 15 for the term
  • exclusion will take the pupil’s total days of exclusion above 5 for the term, and the parents have requested a hearing


the governors must meet within 15 school days of receiving notice of the exclusion

governors must use reasonable endeavours to arrange the meeting at a time and date that has been it all parties

The governing body may delegate the function to a discipline subcommittee of no less than three.

Where the governing body is legally required to consider the decision of a head teacher to exclude a pupil they should:

• not discuss the exclusion with any party outside of the meeting;

• ask for any written evidence in advance of the meeting (including witness statements and other relevant information held by the school, such as those relating to a pupil’s SEN).

• where possible, circulate any written evidence and information, including a list of those who will be present, to all parties at least five school days in advance of the meeting;

• allow parents and pupils to be accompanied by a friend or representative (where a pupil under 18 is to be invited as a witness, the governing body should first seek parental consent and invite the parents to accompany their child to the meeting);

• have regard to their duty to make reasonable adjustments for people who use the school and consider what reasonable adjustments should be made to support the attendance and contribution of parties at the meeting (for example where a parent or pupil has a disability in relation to mobility or communication that impacts upon their ability to attend the meeting or to make representations); and

• identify the steps they will take to enable and encourage the excluded pupil to attend the meeting and speak on his / her own behalf (such as providing accessible information or allowing them to bring a friend), taking into account the pupil’s age and understanding18; or how the excluded pupil may feed in his / her views by other means if attending the exclusion meeting is not possible.