August 2, 2013

Duty to inform the parties

A headteacher’s letter should include:

  • the reasons for the decision – this should be full enough for the pupil to understand the case against them.
  • that the exclusion is permanent, or the period of the fixed exclusion
  • a parent’s right to make representations to the governing body
  • how these reputation should be made
  • the parents rights to attend the meeting, be represented, and bring a friend
  • if the child is of compulsory school age, that the child should not be present in a public place during school hours for the first five days of exclusion
  • if alternative provision has been arranged, the parents should be given the start date the start and finish times the address and any information required by the pupil to them for the person he or she should report to.
  • the letter can be delivered directly to the parents, left at their last known address, delivered to their last known address

Guidance says a link to sources of free legal advice should be included.